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In recent years, vegan fashion has skyrocketed in popularity, and with a growing number of brands committed to cruelty-free and sustainable practices, it's easier than ever to find stylish vegan handbags that fit every need and occasion.

Whether you're looking for a chic evening bag, a practical work bag, or a trendy beach tote, we've got you covered. Dive into our ultimate guide to discover the best  vegan purses.

There’s a big buzz around ‘vegan leather’ and it doesn’t truly have a definition so we’ve explored a wide range of fabrics and materials that are considered vegan leather. 

Vegan bag
JW Pei

Vegan Leather Vs Plastic

Vegan leather, also known as faux leather, is an animal-free material that imitates traditional leather but is crafted from plant-based or synthetic fibres.

Unlike the PU leather of the past, sophisticated vegan handbags today often employ materials like fruit leather, cactus leather, grape-based leather, and bio-based leathers derived from corn and apple. We‘re also seeing recycled materials included in the linings. This shift not only reduces environmental impact but also paves the way for luxury vegan handbags that do not compromise on style or quality.

Vegan bag
Senreve Cactus Leather

Vegan Handbags & Vegan Brands We Love

Evening Bags

Vegan bag
Vegan bag
Stella McCartney | JW Pei
Vegan bag
Gunas New York

1. JW PEI Gabbi Bag

A celebrity favorite, the JW PEI Gabbi Bag is both trendy and elegant. Made from innovative leather alternatives and upcycled materials, this bag comes in a variety of colors and features a unique ruched design. It's the perfect accessory to elevate any evening outfit.

2. Stella McCartney Falabella Mini Bag

Stella McCartney is a pioneer in vegan luxury fashion. The Falabella Mini Bag, crafted from vegan leather, is adorned with the brand's signature chain trim. It's the ideal blend of sophistication and edge, making it perfect for a night out.

3. Gunas New York Cottontail

The Gunas Cottontail bag is both adorable and cruelty-free. Made from high-quality vegan leather, this compact bag features a cute bow detail and comes in various pastel shades, adding a touch of playfulness to your evening attire.

Day Bags

Vegan bag
Vegan bag
Angela Roi | Matt & Nat
Vegan bag
Pixie Mood

4. Matt & Nat Hiley

Matt & Nat are well-known for their eco-friendly and stylish designs. The Hiley is a versatile crossbody bag that transitions seamlessly from day to night. It's spacious enough to hold your essentials and comes in a range of neutral colors.

5. Angela Roi Eloise Satchel

Angela Roi offers luxury vegan handbags without the hefty price tag. The Eloise Satchel is a timeless piece, featuring a structured design and made from EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather). It's perfect for everyday use.

6. Pixie Mood Clara

Pixie Mood's Clara bag is both chic and practical. Made from vegan leather, this bucket bag comes with a removable inner pouch and an adjustable strap. Its minimalist design makes it an ideal choice for a day out in the city.

Work Bags

Vegan bag
Vegan bag
Vegan bag
Doshi | Melie Blanco

7. Melie Bianco Aimee Tote

Melie Bianco combines affordability with high fashion. The Aimee Tote is spacious and designed to fit your laptop, documents, and other work essentials. Made from premium vegan leather, it's both durable and stylish.

8. Doshi Professional Tote

Doshi is dedicated to creating high-quality vegan products. The Professional Tote is sleek and functional, with multiple compartments to keep you organized. It's the perfect companion for busy professionals.

9. LaBante London Sheila

LaBante London's Sheila bag is a must-have for any work wardrobe. This elegant tote is made from recycled materials and features a laptop compartment, making it ideal for the office.

Beach and Summer Bags

Vegan bag
Vegan bag
Corker | Ralph Lauren
Vegan bag

10. Samara Classic Tote

Samara is known for their minimalistic and eco-friendly designs. The Classic Tote is lightweight and made from apple leather, a sustainable alternative to traditional leather. It's perfect for carrying all your beach essentials.

11. Ralph Lauren Recycled Nylon Tote

Ralph Lauren's commitment to sustainability shines through with their Recycled Nylon Tote. This spacious bag is made from recycled nylon and features a fun and colorful design, making it a great choice for summer outings.

12. Corkor Vegan Cork Tote

Corkor specializes in eco-friendly cork products. Their Vegan Cork Tote is water-resistant and durable, perfect for a day at the beach. Plus, it comes with a natural and unique texture that adds a touch of nature to your look.

Crossbody Bags

Vegan bag
Vegan bag
Angela Roi | Matt & Nat
Vegan bag
JW Pei

13. Matt & Nat Bee

The Matt & Nat Bee crossbody bag is compact yet functional. Made from vegan leather, it features a top zipper closure and an adjustable strap. It's perfect for keeping your hands free while running errands.

14. JW PEI Carly Saddle Bag

The JW PEI Carly Saddle Bag is stylish and affordable. Made from vegan leather, this bag features a saddle design and comes in various trendy colors. It's a great addition to any casual outfit.

15. Angela Roi Cher Tote

Angela Roi's Cher Tote is a versatile crossbody bag that can be worn as a shoulder bag or a tote. Made from EPUL, it's durable and chic, making it a perfect everyday accessory.

Tote Bags

Vegan bag
Melie Blanco
Vegan bag
Vegan bag
Pixie Mood | Gunas

16. Gunas New York Naomi Tote

The Gunas Naomi Tote is both stylish and spacious. Made from eco-friendly materials, it features a classic design with modern touches. It's perfect for those who need a bit more room without sacrificing style.

17. Pixie Mood Alicia Tote

Pixie Mood's Alicia Tote is a versatile and eco-friendly option. Made from vegan leather, it includes a detachable pouch and an adjustable strap, allowing you to customize how you carry it.

18. Melie Bianco Demi Tote

The Melie Bianco Demi Tote is an affordable and chic option for those who need a large carry-all. Made from premium vegan leather, it features a spacious interior and a sleek design.


Vegan bag
Pixie Mood
Vegan bag
Vegan bag
LaBante | Matt & Nat

19. Matt & Nat Brave

The Matt & Nat Brave backpack is a fan favorite. Made from vegan leather, it's both stylish and practical. It features multiple compartments and a padded laptop sleeve, making it perfect for students and professionals alike.

20. Pixie Mood Kim Backpack

Pixie Mood's Kim Backpack is both trendy and functional. Made from vegan leather, it features a unique design with a drawstring closure and multiple pockets. It's perfect for everyday use.

21. LaBante New Rosie Backpack

The LaBante Rosie Backpack is a luxury vegan option. It's a stylish and practical choice for those on the go.

Grape leather Vegan handbag
Credit: Maison Peaux Neuves

Alternatives to leather include:

Recycled Plastic Bottle Leather
A shining example of sustainable materials comes from Japan, where black vegan leather is crafted from recycled plastic bottles. The result is a robust black vegan leather that retains the luxurious feel and durability of traditional leather while drastically reducing the environmental footprint. 

Cactus Leather
Derived from the fibrous parts of the nopal cactus, this innovative material is celebrated for its low environmental impact, requiring minimal water and no pesticides to grow. Renowned for its softness and high resistance to wear, cactus leather is making its mark as a frontrunner in vegan alternatives. 

Grape Leather
Grape leather, an ingenious material made from the solid remains of grapes after pressing for juice or wine. Championing the concept of circular economy.

Pineapple Leather
Pineapple leather, known in the industry as Piñatex, has emerged as a popular eco-friendly textile. The strong yet lightweight nature of pineapple leather makes it ideal for a range of versatile vegan handbags and accessories. It’s also one of the more popular vegan alternatives.

Pineapple leather
Credit: Sebastian Says | Making Of Pinatex

Why Choose Vegan Leather Bags?

Vegan leather bags are an increasingly popular choice among those who prioritize both style and ethical consumption. Unlike traditional leather products, vegan leather bags do not exploit or harm animals, as they are made entirely without animal products. Opting for a vegan handbag typically means you're supporting cruelty-free fashion. But the benefits don't end there.

What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan leathers can differ widely in composition; for example, some are made from polyurethane or PVC, while others utilize organic cotton backings for added strength.

As technology progresses, the textures and qualities of vegan leather are becoming increasingly sophisticated, offering consumers a vast array of choices that do not compromise quality or luxury for ethical standards.

Pineapple leather
Credit: Ananas Anam

Benefits of Vegan Leather

The surge in popularity of vegan leather is rooted in its multitude of benefits. Here are a few reasons why consumers are turning to vegan leather goods:

  • Cruelty-Free: No animals are harmed in the production of vegan leather, making it an ethically responsible choice for conscious consumers.
  • Eco-Friendly: Many types of vegan leather have a smaller environmental footprint compared to traditional leather, particularly those made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials.
  • Innovative Materials: The use of novel materials like recycled plastic bottles in crafting vegan leather reduces waste and promotes a circular economy.
  • Energy Efficient: The manufacturing process for some kinds of vegan leather, especially those produced in conscious Japanese factories, is designed to be more energy-efficient.
  • Affordability: Generally, vegan leather is more affordable than animal leather, making it accessible to a broader audience.
  • Diversity in Design: Vegan leathers come in various textures and colors, offering fashion designers the flexibility to innovate.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional leather, vegan leather is easier to care for as it often doesn't require special cleaning treatments or conditioning.
  • Allergen-Free: For those allergic to animal hides, vegan leather provides a hypoallergenic alternative.
  • Water-Resistant: Some forms of synthetic vegan leather are inherently resistant to water, making them practical for use in different climates and weather conditions.
Vegan handbag
Pixie Mood

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vegan Handbag

When venturing into the realm of vegan handbags, several key considerations will guide your decision to ensure it aligns with both your ethical values and fashion sense:

  1. Material Quality: Investigate what materials are used and their source. Options like recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, and innovative fruit leathers signify eco-friendliness.
  2. Craftsmanship: Look for well-constructed bags with strong stitching and durable hardware.
  3. Design: Choose a design that suits your lifestyle, be it a chic crossbody for those on-the-go or a spacious tote for daily essentials.
  4. Brand Ethos: Consider brands that actively support sustainable practices and the wider vegan community.
  5. Customer Reviews: Feedback from other users can provide valuable insights into the handbags' durability and functionality.

Durability and Longevity of Vegan Leather

Vegan leather handbags are touted not just for their fashionability but also for their endurance. For instance, SENREVE's vegan leather bags are a testament to wearability, capable of facing various weather conditions and the passage of time with elegance. Constructed from a robust microfiber-based vegan leather, these handbags outshine other brands for their resilience.

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Maintenance and Care for Vegan Leather Handbags

Caring for vegan leather handbags is essential to preserve their beauty and extend their life span. Unlike traditional leather, vegan leather alternatives require specific maintenance techniques due to their unique materials and manufacturing processes. 

Cleaning and Stain Removal Tips

To ensure that your vegan handbags remain in top-notch condition, consider these cleaning and stain removal tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: For everyday maintenance, gently wipe your bag with a soft, damp cloth. This will help remove surface dust and prevent buildup.
  • Stain Removal: In the event of spills or stains, act quickly. Use a clean, absorbent cloth to dab the spot gently. Avoid rubbing as this can worsen the stain.
  • Material-Specific Cleaners: Depending on the type of vegan leather, such as Pinatex pineapple leather or corn-based leather, opt for cleaners recommended for the specific material. Always test a small, inconspicuous area first.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Consider using natural cleaning solutions like diluted vinegar or baking soda paste for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Polishing and Conditioning Vegan Leather

Vegan leather handbags benefit from the occasional polish and conditioning to keep their surfaces shiny and prevent wear. Here's how to maintain the luxe appearance of your vegan leather accessories:

  • Choose the Right Products: Select a polish and conditioner suitable for vegan leather. These should be specifically formulated to cater to synthetic materials.
  • Polishing: Apply a small amount of vegan leather polish with a soft cloth, using circular motions to ensure even coverage. This restores the natural sheen of the bag.
  • Conditioning: After polishing, apply a vegan leather conditioner to keep the material soft and pliable, which helps prevent cracking and splits.
  • Regular Routine: Establishing a regular care routine that includes polishing and conditioning will help your handbag retain its quality and appearance over time.

Consistent care will enhance the durability and aesthetic of your vegan leather handbags, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come. Always check the manufacturer’s care instructions, as different materials may have specific care requirements.

Please note, this is general advice and it is always suggested to follow the specific care recommendations provided by the handbag manufacturer or brand for the best results.


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